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Five Feet Apart

Five Feet Apart

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Will, the boy who has no desire to please his mom or anyone; the boy who is just so ready to break all the rules just to 'live more'. As they are sixteen-eighteen years old, the writing is simple and to the point, very readable and entertaining. Yes, it will definitely remind you of Fault in Our Stars by John Green but again don't compare it, both of them are unique in their own way. Because he used them to cough up his mucus, seal the ickiness and then wipe off his mouth, hands, etc.

Stella finds out that Will is NOT doing his treatments, she decides to download the app that she created on Will's phone, Stella and Will facetime everyday to take their medicine together. Y lo que me dolía leerlos en los momentos en los que necesitaban un abrazo y no se podían acercar el uno al otro!When it comes to Stella however, he stops rebelling, and begins to see that he can live his life and have more of it by keeping up with his treatments. The need to go 'over the top' is such a Hollywood trait and I hate how it's translated to influence today's fiction.

Sorry guys, I’m mostly sarcastic cow who pulls pranks on people, laughing at people who falls down (I also laugh at myself when my butt hit the floor. In the book the relationship between Stella and Will seemed to be rather insta-lovey whereas it appeared to be a little slower in the movie. I'm sure I'm missing dozens of other things to point out and I would encourage everyone with interest to read more about CF from reliable health sites.We don’t see any of the various digestive side affects of CF (apart from issues with a G tube) and we don’t see instances in which CF makes our characters look “ugly” or, well, sick. La lucha que tiene Will consigo mismo y con la bacteria que le impide ser candidato a un transplante me rompía el corazón. Sometimes I thought the panic must be worse for him than the lack of breath as the panic exacerbated things every time. every time it talked about the characters struggling for breath, i inhaled so deeply, marvelling at how well my lungs work. CFers can pass their bacteria to each other and it is immensely risky for CFers to spend as much time together as Stella and Will do, even if they abide by the 6 foot away rule (the fact that Stella tries to make it 5 foot is even more stupid).

I'd much rather experience a truly poignant romance that evolves over time during the plot of a good book. In this moving story that’s perfect for fans of John Green, Nicola Yoon, David Levithan and Jenny Han, two teens fall in love with just one minor complication - they can’t get within five feet of each other without risking their lives. They are described as out of breath and coughing but no description of the ick factor that is so common for those with CF.As their friendship deepens into something more intense, they face more obstacles than they can handle. So far my experience with CF looks different from theirs in some very specific ways: I don’t have a feeding tube, I’m not in need of a lung transplant, and I don’t spend a lot of time in the hospital (all of these things of which I am VERY grateful). When they're both in the hospital together, they have to rely on texting, Skype, and talking through surgical masks and from doorways. Yes, there were some similarities to The Fault in Our Stars but I didn't necessarily feel as if Will, Stella, and Poe were masters of sarcasm and wry observations as the characters were in the former. Please just do me a favor and read this amazing story, I can't promise your heart won't heart after, I'm sorry.

But the whole time I was crying for something else, I was still thinking 'he is hot' and then 'can he just stop being hot for like 1 second?What if Will and Stella could steal back just a little bit of the space their broken lungs have stolen from them? Hell yes, first time at the night time I drank too much coffee when I was reading a book not to be get controlled by my emotional breakdown and probably I’m gonna be awake for entire week, but yes this is memorable and of course is one of the winners of this year. For me, one of the hardest parts of living with CF is the fear -- knowing what’s possible, that my life will most likely be shortened, that one cold or bad bacteria could change everything -- makes me feel like I need to be hyper vigilant about my health. This book immediately grabbed my attention with that gorgeous cover and I knew it was a book that I had to read.

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