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Eobard Thawne was the main antagonist of Season 1 until he became a recurring villain in a few seasons until also becoming one of the main antagonists in Season 8. He was even able to recreate the Velocity 9 formula to increase his speedster powers even further than usual. Because the Godspeed war was going too far, Barry decided to give organic speed to August, much to his surprise. He attended Central City South High School, graduating three years in advance with a grade point average of 5.

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Meta-human power dampener/Speedster dampening bracelet: In a previous timeline, August was unable to use his speed after Nora cuffed him with speedster dampening bracelet. He has held several jobs; from September to October 2043, he worked as a barista at the Windsor Heights branch of CC Jitters, but was fired shortly after. August is the third main villain who was defeated but hasn't ended up being killed/erased (after Bloodwork and Mirror Monarch). The younger Flash saved the civilians and fought this clone of Godspeed, but he was too fast and powerful. Post-Crisis, August no longer had this weakness, however, since he established a natural Speed Force connection it is unclear whether he would lose access to his powers or if they'd merely be greatly diminished while being dampened.Superhuman stamina: August can handle the stresses of extreme racing without noticeable distress, letting him function much longer than normal humans unhindered. Furthermore, both Thawne and August created their own means to acquire super speed (Eobard duplicated the conditions behind the Flash's powers and also was thought to had created the Negative Speed Force while August created a Velocity serum to gain speed just as Zoom did with Velocity 9). August is the first main antagonist that appeared in previous seasons as a recurring villain and then later on become the main antagonist in a later season. August is extremely arrogant to the point of having a god-complex, as he proclaims himself the "God of Speed". Barry found out that August seeks organic speed to permanently being a speedster and the latter requested that either Barry give him "the gift he deserves" and he'll save Central City by reabsorbing his clones or Barry refuses and August let the clones destroy it, if not the entire world.

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A fourth attack by Godspeed took place on October 8th, 2019, and the impostor which was dubbed "G4" by Cisco Ramon before he was quickly apprehended by the younger Flash and sent to Iron Heights, [2] like the other three. Mecha-Vibe warned the group that the attack won't hold their enemies off for long while XS was unable to wake up Impulse, causing the 'main' Flash to take the others back to S.

Cobalt Blue failed to defeat the Flash but opened a breach into the Negative Speed Force allowing the legion, Godspeed included, arrived to stand opposite of Team Flash. After gaining a natural connection to the Speed Force, he became able to disperse himself into electricity to teleport and even channel natural lightning to produce constructs like swords to battle with, which he used in his fight against Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne. After forcing Barry's hand, August was given a natural connection to the Speed Force, greatly augmenting his powers, which combined with his other enhancements granted him additional abilities seemingly unique to him. With no further evidence at the time about who was giving these drones their powers or sending them off to cause havoc in the name of Godspeed, Team Flash decided not to worry about the attacks for the time being.

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Heart artificially granted himself speedster powers through the use of Velocity 9, the serum utilized by Zoom to enhance the latter's existing speedster powers. In January 2048, he started working as an intern at Mercury Labs, but he was fired in August of the same year after being found guilty of administering tachyons on 17 different elderly comatose patients. Just as in Earth-1, clones of Godspeed appeared in Central City throughout the summer of 2019 on at least four separate occasions, being defeated each time by Team Flash. Just then, the Godspeeds arrived, prompting both Flashes to carry Impulse away from the scene, though to no avail. Superhuman mental process: August's powers also make his system and thought processing able to take in and retain information just as fast and efficiently.

Each clone of Godspeed was placed in the metahuman wing of Iron Heights, all incapable of human speech and instead communicating through strange modem-like noises. R. Labs, August was surprised to find out about his real identity and was horrified by the fact that he was a killer from the future, obsessed with taking speed and ruling the world.

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His speed is so great that even a camera able to capture a trillion frames per second can barely capture his lightning trail. When August agreed to team up with Cobalt Blue, Reverse-Flash and the others, August gained a connection to the Negative Speed Force which made him even more powerful. This clone of Godspeed said that he was sent by another who wanted infinite velocity, but his voice started to make broken modem sounds like the previous clones of Godspeed did before he could reveal more. August is arrogant to the point of underestimating his opponents, which ultimately led to his downfall as he underestimated Nora's capabilities, leading to his capture and incarceration for his crimes. In addition, August's Velocity serum granted him the unique ability to summon/produce cumulonimbus clouds when he produces electricity a certain way, something the Negative Speed Force would later adopt itself.Runk was able to triangulate the comms signals of the versions of Godspeed to Zauriel Cathedral, causing Impulse to leave and confront the Godspeed fraction who were revealed to have been holding the elder Flash hostage at the cathedral, only to be simultaneously attacked by the group as the 'main' Flash and XS arrived on scene soon after. Surrounded by the army of Godspeeds, the three remaining speedsters readied themselves for a confrontation before the timely arrival of Mecha-Vibe using an entropy-powered weapon to temporarily slow the Godspeeds. Superhuman reflexes: August's reaction time is augmented to superhuman levels, allowing him to react to danger and events far faster than normal humans.

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